island kiddies.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

finally. a post about our families favorite island located on one of my favorite states.
hilton head island, south carolina
everyone put your hands up. this year was a party.
its been long dragged out time since our whole entire family has crossed the bridge to the island.
but we all made it, safe and sound and enjoyed each others company, laughs, and food.
pool bar jim treated us to our cool refreshing pool side treats.
his famous and fresh daiquiris.
virgin please.
this year, i discovered and drooled over the blue hawaiian freeze.
there's nothing like pineapple and lime to spread a smile on a bronzed face.
the humidity sucked us in, but the thunderstorms cooled us down.
the beach gave us great waves to dive through and the horseshoe and dolphin pool gave us adventures in the wee hours of the night.
this is the best week out of the whole year. im sad that it has come and gone.
until next year my sweet island of mine.

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