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Thursday, February 18, 2010

our house has been full of excitement this past month. Julie, here is your post you've been waiting for. get ready to be on the edge of your seats!

it seems that our cutie of a house in provolone is quite the bulls-eye for tricks and scares. every weekend we are greeted with some strange activity.

week 1 : a random note with a raw chicken leg is left on our front door step written specifically to my roommate becca. no worries, it was only a goofy riddle but as of today we still can't put a finger on the culprit.

week 2: we've discovered a peeping tom who resides across the street. he's probably in his 80's and his favorite activities consist of taking the trash out. parking his red hot car behind his gated driveway. lock his gate. and bring the trash can back to its original spot. and on occasions at 4 in the morning on saturday nights, stare out his front window with the lights dim.

we call him marley.

marley hasn't done us any harm except added to our mysterious happenings. during week 2, on a saturday night at 4 am, our friend marissa spotted marley peeping out of his curtains again. marley has sleeping problems. as we see him poking out his drapes, our doorbell rings. funny because our doorbell is broken. it rings repeatedly. next on the list, the bathroom sink has turned on full blast and had overflowed in the bathroom. can you solve that equation? no, no you can't.

week 3: this actually occurred last night. our whole house was dead asleep. it's 2 am in the morning. I get a call from em in the other room to come to her room quick. someone was outside of our house. I ran to her room, we locked the door and she had explained to me that someone started to pound on her bedroom door. her phone then rings and it's an unknown number. scared to pick up the call, em called me. now that i am in her room we are trying to figure out who it could have been and her phone rings again.

i tell her to pick up, and the person on the other line only delivers heavy breathing.
we hang up freaking out. it's a wednesday night! a school night! who does this?
they call back again. this time, em asks who is calling. in a high pitched FEMALE voice, the girl replies, "where are you? I am coming to get you." and the other line hangs up.
an explanation anyone? we've gone through our lists of friends and no one has fessed up. not to mention, our back deck door that no one uses and hasn't been used in a year or so was found open yesterday. it's got a latch so the wind did not cause this.

and our doorbell went a little crazy today. yes.
call me nancy drew. we're going to figure this mystery out.


Ali said...

OK, this is creeping me out! Update us when you figure out who it is...or what it is :)

Kaycie Q said...

yeah....that's creepy to the max.

Jake and Jenna said...

okay seriously it's not funny anymore. get a security system and pepper spray.

Lindsay Wells said...

omg i'm totally freakin out right now. that is sooooooo creepy!!!!

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