Salt Lake? Who Knew.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I've been residing in Utah for about a good three years now and I have just now come to realize how fun Salt Lake City can be.

This past weekend, a few of us kiddies piled in a car and decided to get sick off of pepperoni and hawaiian pizza at the U's most desired joint.

"The Pie"

was it scrumptious? you bet.
no worries though. we walked it off at gateway as we wasted our lives in urban outfitters for over TWO HOURS. how on earth can a group of kids pull this off? We really dont know. we were surprised ourselves when we glanced at the clock. at least we made sure none of us would leave without a bag in our hand. it was an eventful night and i can say this confidently because i was dished over a surprise when i came home to danny flashing a michael jackson concert on dvd. you best believe we all stayed up till 2 am basking in mj's glory. he should not be dead. his doctor was fired right? anyways, salt lake, you were fun! who knew?

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