Miss Kate.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Oh hey Kate. You are spectacular.
In every way really.

I just adore this picture of you.
I really do.

Sometimes I embarrass myself with how obsessed I can become with certain people. Kate Hudson is one of them. People who know me well understand how much I love this woman.

I am just happy my friend Doug is in love with her too. He's fun to talk to when it comes to Kate. We watched "Fools Gold" together today on behalf of Kate.Then I basked dougie with many kate magazine and editorials. He was having a field day.

I must say, when I sat back and realized how much i was soaking up mr. mcchanughey and miss hudson on screen again with a magazine by my side with the two on the cover, it hit me as to how pathetic I am.

There is only one thing for sure...
I will always be quite the teeny-bopper.

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