On the Move.

Monday, October 19, 2009

This is how I feel about Belmont Parking.
My roommate Sara is in the same boat.
There are many other things to add to the list of Belmont that are allowing us to say:

"Adios Bel, it's been a good run."

We are busting outta there. I seem to love to move.
1. king henry
2. alpine village
3. university avenue condos
4. belmont
5. maybe a house and maybe old school alpine.

either way, i need you to spread the word so that I can sell this baby. YES, I know most of you are married and have babies... but maybe you know of some single ladies roaming around happy valley that could use a lovely abode. I assure you it's a dime. Just not mine or sara's cup of tea.

thanks bloggers.


Jake and Jenna said...

you look so sad, little one. cheer up charlie.

POJO Fitness said...

I love my nike frees and i am so glad your wearing them in that picture.. i want your color too though now i can feel this a bad obsession i am starting with the frees.. anyways, finished one tree hill season 6 and started watching the ones on tv i have missed a few but what the heck peyton and lucas gone? and, no one says anything about where they went????? i don't know about this!

this might tickle your fancy

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