Friday, April 10, 2009

I really miss Georgia these days. 
It comes and go. The homesick thing. 
I really can't wait for my mama and papa to come in a couple of weeks. 
I sure miss them a lot too. 
I really cannot wait till I get to go back home for a good solid week in June. 
That's all. 
Sadly Hannah Montana made me feel this way when she went back to her roots in Tennessee. 
Yeah... I saw the movie premier. At midnight. 
I'd rather not talk about it. 
But I will say... she's not THAT bad after all...

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Dani Stolworthy said...

summers in the south own everything else. gosh. so great. Ok so i haven't seen the Hannah Montana movie yet, but they filmed it in good ole Franklin, TN... my hometown. And the highschool in it was good ole Franklin High... my school. My mom said they put palm trees out front of the school though for the shoot, i'm gonna have to see this.

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