Ashley Karena.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

On March 22, 1988 Miss Ashley Karena Eckel was born. 
And ladies and gents, that is the day the world began to turn. 
A year later, I came to this earth and met my best friend. 

How we met?
It was during Christmas at our Grandparents house in Ohio and I stole her chocolate candy bar right out of hand and fed myself. Minutes later, we were found with chocolate all over our faces holding hands... 
needless to say that's when we began to stir trouble. 
"It's crazy how fast the years have flown by! The funny this is... not one single thing has changed since then... I still believe that we're "soul sisters!" 
-Ashley Karena. 
Ash became the best friend any girl could ask for. 
She is a riot, she tells funny stories, she's loud and wild, she's a great example, she listens, she talks a lot, she's sensitive, understanding, beautiful, and she's real.
When we were little, I was the more shy one and she was out of control. Therefore, I took advantage of her and I'd tell her to do extreme things (or so we thought) and she'd do it. She loved dares and I loved to be entertained. I'd laugh hysterically at anything she did. 
She's a comedian. 

We had a creative life growing up. We did some strange things. We shredded Grandma's crayons and stored them in the freezer pretending it was our nutritious food. (sorry grandma.) We would collect Karen's clothing catalogs and chose a model to be and then chose our kids. Or sometimes, we'd just flat out flip through the pages and name every single model. Who does that?
Ash and I would make up dances every weekend that we got to see each other. I believes Ash's favorite was her ballet dance we did to "Butterfly Kisses." I hated that one. 
But then we matured more and started to make music videos to Britney Spears. We even had Corey, her dad, direct and film it. I look back now and think how did I ever do that? 
I think our final dance we made up together was to Alysa Milano, "Somebody Hit the Lights." 
I still remember some of the moves. It was the weekend before we went to the Backstreets Boys Concert.
Oh wait... these talents and hobbies of ours still exist. The last dance we did together was a couple of years ago for an EFY Variety Show. And the last music video we made was only last year. And now posted all over the internet.
Once I moved to Georgia, Ash and I began our countdowns to Hilton Head Island through email. 
I looked forward to every single email. 
We even would call each other up and plan our outfits. 
We always dressed the same or at least tried too. 
I remember this one shirt we both had from the Gap. I can't remember if I had the shirt and she had the tank top, but mine was orange and hers was blue and it faded into lighter shades of the color. You could say it was tie-dye. 
As we got older we still managed to dress the same. Whether it was our belts or shoes. 
But then last year at college while living together we both came home and noticed we were wearing the EXACT same outfit. Some things never change. 

When we were little we obsessed over the Olsen Twins, naturally. We'd go around Hilton Head telling kids that we were the Olsen Twins... sadly some believed us. Ashley always got to be Ashley Olsen because she claimed that that's who she was name after. I got stuck with Mary-Kate. 
Once we got in an argument about whether Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson were the same person. We became so confused by this that we decided to go around the Marriott and take a vote. 

Ashley is a friendly person. And due to this great characteristic of hers we've made some life long friends from all over the United States. True Story. 
Phil and Ali were a couple of kids from Hilton Head we met when we were little and kept in touch with them. From then on they'd plan to be in Hilton Head the exact same week that we'd be there. 
Every year. 
Thanks Ash. 
Who else? Oh yeah, our once beloved Snow Cone Man. 
We were addicted to Snow Cones when we were little. 
Fuzzy Peach and Ocean Blue Raspberry, but not once would we dare try Sharks Blood. 
We even got a picture with Snow Cone Man. 
The next year when we were so excited to see him, he no longer existed. 
No worries, about 3-4 years later, he was working with Pool Bar Jim, and the next thing you know, we're eating Pizza with him family late at night. 

Ash and I became famous in Harbor Town in South Carolina. I dear friend Greg Russell invited us to sing on stage with him. We already had our song prepared. 
It was to the tune of the primary song, "Popcorn Popping."
It went a little something like this.
"I looked out the lighthouse and what did I see? Greg Russell singing underneath the oak tree. Harbor Town's brought me such a nice surprise. Gregggg Russsell right before my eyes. He sings songs that bring us pleasure! Oh Greg Russell he's such a treasure! We'll come here every year, everybody cheer!
Oh Greg Russell we'll see you next year!"

Ash and I still ask for permission to sing it to him. 
Soon enough our very own kids will. 

Ash loves to sing with me. 
It's true. She makes me harmonize with her all of the time and I secretly enjoy it. 

She claims that she doesn't have her mom's singing skills like lex does but I think she does. She's a diva. I can't even find my own note. 

I honestly couldn't ask for a better friend, cousin, sister. Ash understands and knows me like no one else. She is always there for me and what I love most about her is we always pick up where we left off. I really don't think we ever fight and when we do, we talk. She hears me and and I hear her out and we come to a conclusion, make it work, cry a little, no cry a lot and then we end up telling each other how much we love each other. I actually really appreciate moments like those because we grow closer every time. 
I am so thankful that we are family. I understand that friends come and grow and people loose touch and fall a part but I know that Ash and I never will.
We have the best family ever and we talk about it all of the time. 
We know that what we've got is good. 
And no one else has this. 
We get each other. 
We understand each other. 
And we know what's best for each other. 
You could say we are somewhat like twins. 
We have that connection. 
It's hard to explain how much someone means to you when there are so many things to say. 
Words don't do justice. 
Ashley Karena means the world to me. 
And she deserves everything because she gives everything her all. 
Ash is a passionate girl and lives her life the way it should be lived. 
She's smart. She doesn't mess around. 
I think she was meant to be born a year before me so that she can be my example. 
She's one step ahead in the game. 
and so I just follow her lead. 
she gives me the heads up in life. 
so ashtin, here's to you. 
happy birthday cousin. i sure do love you so very much. 
this is going to be a great year for you. 
i can feel it. 
love, your soul sister. 


Ashley said...

Rachel Anne,
I just now read this. I'm in class. I'm getting teared up. Shoot me.

I love you SO much. You are the best. No really, you are. I love you times a million. Thanks for being such a wonderful friend to me.

I'm not going to get any more sappy on your blog. Don't worry. We will save this for later :)

Dani Stolworthy said...

oh wow.
best post ever & so hillarious.
I was thoroughly entertained the entire way through.

this might tickle your fancy

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