Saturday, October 4, 2008

I Zombified myself. I am getting pumped for halloween. I have decorations all ready to put up and i have my halloween outfit planned. What am I going to be you ask? Well to tell you the truth, I am really fed up running around with skanky nurses or sailors, whatever. What happened to witches and the cut out white sheet from your bed for a ghost? And where are all of the ghouls? Im done. So im bringing it back. I shall be HALLOWEEN. You must be questioning how i'll go about this... well, I'll be somewhat of a witch/pumpkin and I'll be decked out in all orange and black. Dont fret- I'll hand out candy as well. Those chicka's out there can stash their assets somewhere else this halloween eve. Im coming out.

Okay wait. So I sell Pettiskirts at the Boutique I work at, and Im planning on buying a black one for my Halloween outfit and I came across this picture. This girl GETS WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT! She is decked out to the MAX! So, this should give you a slight idea of where my head is turning. Im pumped.


Sarah Young said...

You get an amen sistah from me with the whole down with Halloween skanks bit. How did it ever become socially acceptable for otherwise respectable people to doll themselves up as goods for sale?! I'm excited to see you're petticoat creation! Sounds like fun! Also, you are looking quite zombie-rific in that pic! Yipes! :)

nat said...

you have a great halloween costume idea :) great to see you and visit on sunday--todd and i love you!

this might tickle your fancy

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