Warning: This Is Purely A Joke.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Ash & I had a date tonight. We shoved our gourds at Carabas (sp?). She inhaled a large pizza, while I over dosed on bread and manicotti. We blew bubbles in our water and stole handfuls of candies on the way out. It was quite a nice date. We then went back to her crib and for some unknown reason wanted to take these pictures? I don't know.... they are THE pregnant pictures and since I feel that everyone and their mother is prego these days, we thought we'd join in. Dont take this seriously. Just laugh. And don't judge.
Before. and happy as a lark.


ma before.

oh good gosh.

for the life of me, i should never have twins.


Ashley Kay said...

hahaha this is great. i miss you ladies. lets have some old roomie dates sometime soon please?

Jake and Jenna said...

this is weird. you guys are weird. and i love you.

this might tickle your fancy

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