Day Two.

Monday, June 9, 2008

The adventures continue with a fabulous and magical day in Atlanta at the Cocoa Cola Factory. I don't like when I say, it was magical. They really allow you to fall in love with Coke. I sound rediculous I know, but I am proud that my dad once worked for them and that it's one of the well known things of Atlanta. The World of Coke had so much to do. We went to a 4-D movie, we looked at an art gallery of one of my favorite Artists, Penley. He had all of his Coke Paintings and they were so fun to look at. Then of course we went to taste all of the different tastes of coke around the world. Word to the world, do not try the "Beverley" from France. Barf. No seriously, I dry heaved.

Penley's Cocoa Cola Paintings. He's one of my favorite artists so this was really neat.

Later that night, we stayed in Atlanta and went to the Braves & Phillies Game. Of course, the Phillies won, by one. And as hot as it was, it was a pretty intense game. And baseball isn't my thing. And to top off the night? We treated ourselves to the Varsity. Bingo.

A couple of nights later... Waffle House. Score.

And to top off all of the oh so healthy food we've been eating, we thought we'd go tubing on the lake to allow it all to settle. Not so smart.
Allow I will say, I kicked Bill's trash on the tubes. He didn't last.

we also chose another great activity to handle during the glorious heat of 104 degrees. SIX FLAGS.

this is how I man handled it.

Don't be fooled by Jordan's calm and collect self. By the end of the day we rode Goliath, and you best believe he was gagging while leaning on my lap for support. He so wanted to throw up on me just to tick me off... he's blessed he didn't.

word. we're out.

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