Day One.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The day has come! One of my best friends from college is in town visiting Jordan & I for a good week! What a treat, right? He is from New Jersey, so he has a little taste if the "east coast" if you will. But we are here to give him the taste taste of the south. I have an agenda all planned out. I am one of those people who fear that others aren't having fun while on vacation. So I made sure we'd stay busy. Todays specialties started out with dinner at my newest favorite, The Fickle Pickle. Such delish southern food. I had fried pickles in a cajun sauce with a fried green tomato sandwhich and a refreshing sparkling peach soda. This is where you drool. It was so nice and such perfect timing because every Thursday at the Fickle Pickle, a live band performs out back on their patio by the barn. It's a cute little area and luckily, it cooled down a bit. And there was a breeze, so it was quite relaxing. Then we drove Bill all the way to Atlanta and we hit up Centennial Olympic Park and played in the fountains with all of the children. He loved this. No worries, he got some good video footage of The Water Fountain show too... anyways, enough talk. Here are some snap shots. Yes, I said "Snap shots" but I think it sounds cool.

yummy yummy and o'so pretty.

goodbye fickle pickle!

La Te Da! I love the south! We say!

Centennial Olympic Park.

obviously, ashley didnt go in...

Wet Rats

Crazy, there are still windows missing in the buildings from the tornandos that went through Atlanta a couple of months ago.


Zach and Katie Hillstead said...

yum i want to go to the fickle pickle...where is that?

Rachel Anne Robbins said...

its in historic roswell, on the street where all of the cute little southern places to eat are at. its across from that great thai place called Rice

Jake and Jenna said...

you are a silly monkey. and bill has a beard.

Jody said...

OK Rachel..I'm not cool enough "yet" to do facebook. I have NO idea how to do that. My kids are pleased with my mad texting skills though, so we might have to leave it at that !! I hope this doean't come throu 3 times. See, I'm retarded!!!!

Penley Sheppard said...

Glad you liked the PENLEY's at the World of Coke!

this might tickle your fancy

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