Venezia, Italia Part I

Monday, July 20, 2015

^ Truly each wall of the buildings looks like the most gorgeous abstract painting to me. 
^ He was my favorite Gondolier, can you tell? I have so many photos of him.
^ I was obsessed with the pink colored glass of the Venetian street posts!
^ See the water rising? Venice is about to flood!
^ Freak, you can really see the weight gain in my face from this holiday! And no, thats not my real smile. I was beginning to forget how to smile by the end of the month. (Venice was our second to last stop.)

Venice is just one large piece of artwork. Every corner is so picturesque with so many beautiful colors peeling from the buildings only to reveal another beautiful hue! I think my favorite Venetian tradition is the Gondoliers. I love their outfits. The black, navy and red stripes with the scarves is almost too much for me to handle! Venice is truly a treat. We continued to consume the most delicious gelato & pasta for supper in the dim alleyways while Italian music filled the air. There was such a romance to it all. It's as though Italy lives in a different time period and I envy and adore it all at the same time. Sometimes, I wish America was just a tad bit older. We are so young! That's why I just want to continue to explore the world because there is so much history to see and discover and it's so appealing and exciting to me.

I'll say it again and again, I love Italians. They are so so friendly and they love to share their culture with those wanting to take it in. I appreciate their love for their own culture and I am so happy that they keep old traditions alive so that we can experience them just as they once were. Ciao Italy! Io ti amo!

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