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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Once upon a time, about a week ago while Zeke was out of town I got to house/dog sit for a family in our ward. It was a dream. I have always been so curious and so intrigued and fascinated with the homes here in Los Angeles. They are all so grand and beautifully manicured and their backyards have always been a mystery to me with gates of tall and lush hedges blocking my view.

I have always enjoyed looking at old photographs of Marilyn Monroe in her backyard of her Brentwood Bungalow and thinking how Los Angeles it looked. The vibe it gave off, the tall skinny palm tree stetching so high reaching for the sun, and of course everything was so vibrant and bloomed with rose bushes. That's how I had always envisioned the backyards of these Los Angeles homes.

On Vogue's website, they have these 73 question interviews where they interview random celebrities and they did one with Reese Witherspoon who also lives in Brentwood and the interview was located in her home which was so fun to see the interior and not only that but she led the viewer out into her backyard, which of course was surrounded by hedges. But her Los Angeles yard was just like Monroe's - perfectly pampered to Los Angeles' standards. It was a vision.

Last weekend, I was finally given an open invitation to get a taste of what it's like to live like a true Los Angeles local, and I must say, it was very nice. Yard perfectly manicured? Check. Rose bushes? Check. Pristine Pool? Check. Hedges for security? Check. It was the best leisure I had consumed in one afternoon since I can remember. It was heaven on earth and my girlfriends and I (Whom they said I was allowed to have over, mind you) were just like giddy 15 year olds the whole time. Needless to say we were having so much fun. Oh. And then that's a random photo of Zeke at the beach here in Santa Monica yesterday. The weather has finally gotten back to its 80's self so we had to take advantage.

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