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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

This past weekend was packed, with lots of to-do's from my bucketlist and I can confidently say, I was in heaven. It's one thing to spend a Saturday with your girlfriends, but it's another to spend the day with Henri Matisse.

We went to the LACMA and saw the 'Van Gogh to Kandinsky' Exhibit, which included other Fauvism & German Expressionist Artists. I can't explain to you the joy that fills me when I am in a art gallery filled with my favorite artists and my most favorite works that I have always dreamed of seeing in the flesh. Matisse makes my heart flutter, with his playfulness and his color palettes. He is truly one of my role models and the fact that I was able to see my two favorite works of his, "La Gerbe" and "Open Window Collioure" was truly a dream come true.

My head is spinning with inspiration. All I want to do is not show up to work and paint paint paint paint paint. I want to dab into fauvism and experience painting techniques in the Matisse way. He is such an inspiration to me. I wish so badly I had the guts to paint as he did with no mental thought involved. I'm too much of a perfectionist as an artist, and I think too hard about how to create the perfect stroke or palette within an abstract or just a painting for that matter. One day I'll get there, but for now - I am still over the moon with my experience at the LACMA. Like, I dream about it nightly.

On to the next Los Angeles adventure with my girlfriends!

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Lauren Elledge said...

ah i'm jealous! i really wanted to visit the lacma while i was in california this summer, but didn't have time. swooning over all the photos, the colors & all!

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