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Thursday, July 3, 2014

It's the same thing every time, except harder. I hate leaving home. I absolutely dread it. I truly get anxiety rather than excitement boarding a plane home to Georgia because I know it's just a matter of time, and SHORT time mind you, that I'll have to board another plane and leave my sweet home. I cried about ten times two weeks ago on a Sunday. The Zoo was really kind about it and let me. He knows I can't hold it in and sometimes, a gal just needs a good cry. As dramatic as it sounds, my heart aches when I leave my parents and my sisters and the south. I wish to be near them every day and I always feel as though I am missing out on memories and special but casual nights on the back porch sipping my Dad's homemade lemonade while chatting with my family about life and past stories as we watch the heat lightening and the lightening bugs while the cicadas fill in the background noise. It's those precious moments with my family I miss, and I know they still have those nights from time to time with everyone still in the South and I just wish I could join in on the fun.

I am happy with where I am, but there is always home and nothing can quite match up to it. I do dream and pray that one day we'll make it back there. But for now, visits will do and when I do come home, I make the seconds of every day count.

This time around, my mom and I got caught up on all things Margarett Mitchell and toured her Atlanta apartment where she wrote "Gone With The Wind." Mitchell is a very fascinating and outstanding person and I admire her so much. I love learning new facts and quirks about her and I love seeing how she resembles Scarlett O' Hara. I was also able to view the original Scarlett O' Hara Portrait that hung in Rhett Butler's house in the film and my was she a pretty sight to see! I was in awe and couldn't quite comprehend the fact that that was the actual painting that I was standing in front of. We also went on another ghost tour of my hometown (I always go on my hometown ghost tours. I love learning of every ghost in town!) and made sure to eat at all my favorite joints and eat all my fixin's that I've been missing. Can I just name a few? Thanks.... Fried alligator with remoulade, fried green tomato sandwich with tomato jam, fried cajun pickles, a varsity chili dog, publix fried chicken, minnie's chocolate pie, shrimp & grits, beignets, shrimp creole, jumbalaya & gumbo and we held our traditional low country shrimp boil. You wanna know how much weight I gained? I'm not saying a word but it's comical and impressive. and not surprising.

And to top it all off, Hilton Head Island was a dream this year. Every year is, really. It's better than Christmas, better than anything in this world and it always goes by fast. I loved being with family. I love my family so much. The weather was perfect, the Atlantic - don't get me started on how much I have missed that warm Atlantic salty sea!!!! After living in California, I now love it more than I did before! It's so relaxing.

I was also able to swing by my sweet hostess city of the south, Savannah, and check out my favorite markets & antique stores, add to my matchbook collection and give a kiss to my favorite homes and Forsyth Park. It's always a treasure to be swallowed up in Savannah' s spanish moss.

To keep from loosing my mind, I'm just going to post nothing but photos above of our family trip in Hilton Head (which marks our 18th year on the island.) I think I've said enough already that photos will do the job!

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