one year, you and i

Saturday, September 7, 2013

I'm lucky enough to do everything on Earth with you. With two years of dating and one year with our knots tied, three all together makes a dream come true. To think that I have the whole rest of my life to do everything on Earth with you makes me one charmed girl.

You're the unexpected but you make perfect sense in my life. I get you and you get me. I put up with you and you put up with me. I adore you as you adore me. From the Caribbean through the Deep South to exploring the concrete jungles of New York, your hand in mine, our eyes wide and bright we have a whole lot to see, to live and to love together. You're my Zekey Zoo, and there is no one quite like you that can toot my horn quite like you do. You're my Jay Gatsby, my Rhett Butler, and my Rick Blaine, but better.  Happy one year Anniversary to the one I love.

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