pumped for gobble gobble day.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

happy gobble gobble day can't come any quicker! holy canoly! see the above? this delicious spread of thanksgiving delights was created by the one and only mrs. lilien and her spectacular styling house. she is my all time favorite lady with the greatest sense of taste for being fancy and fabulous. if you haven't seen her styling blog i dare you to dive in. you'll be sure to drown in the depths of her razzle dazzle-ness. im using the above as inspiration for decorating our early roommate thanksgiving feast this sunday. i can't wait.

this week has been nothing but deadlines and crunch time with the art side of life at school. ceramics class has been on panic mode for every student. the cut off date for projects is the 22nd and i myself am a turkey with my head cut off. i live, i breath, i eat school right now. with that said, the weekend ahead will be somewhat calm compared to this week but it will be nothing like the break ahead when i have no class to attend, no more clay to throw on the wheel and nothing but food at my plate. due to all of the above, i have taken no photos of my social life, zekey zoo has to be patient with my busy bee schedule and i come home around 9pm eat a late dinner and hit the sack. woe is me, woe is me. parents arrive a week from today and i'll be dancing with joy! can't wait to be surrounded by family and festivities.

hope your hectic week can come to a calm and we'll all kick back for a pre-thanksgiving weekend. happy wednesday my kiddies. we are half way through the week ALRIGHT!

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J & J said...

i'm coming too. dance for joy for me!! just kidding.

this might tickle your fancy

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