miss olivia, darling, i do believe you are marvelous.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

miss olivia, darling, i do believe you are marvelous. simply, marvelous. here's the deal my friends. not that you care, but i'd like to say, the older i get, the more i am finding myself in an agreement with my hairstylist, renee' from home when she decides a trim equals 2 inches off. i still know the feeling of dreading a renee' trim, and wanting to cry because if this 2 inch trim keeps up, my hair will never grow and be long. but according to renee' it had to be done because my hair did not look so clean and healthy.

now im at that point where i would like my hair to be beautiful, glowing, and fresh. even if that means i can't have locks of love. im fully convinced that everyone has a length that suits them best and even if it's not what they long for, everyone else is thinking the world of their hair because it's all of the above: BEAUTIFUL, GLOWING, and FRESH.
you get what im saying? are we connecting? do i make any sense? my point is, look at darling olivia. look how thick and full her hair looks, the blunt cut, the length, the absence of layers... the whole shebang is really working because my gosh it's healthy.

low and behold, i just want healthy hair. once the bangs grow to the collarbone, i shall be the blonde version of olivia.

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