we're coming for you.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

dear hilton head island,
just giving you a heads up .
the martin fam bam is coming your way once again
come the end of june for another eventful and
adventure in south carolina.
my how you make us all so giddy and bronzed.
you allow aunt susans hair show off her natural locks thanks to humidity.
you allow austi and the boys to find trouble at night.
you allow ash bash and i to bloat over peach daiquiris
you allow greggie boy to sing to us underneath the oak tree.
you allow gramps and gma to put put with the kiddies.
and you some how allow my motha to wet herself every year.
what a great week you offer to us.
we can't wait to see you again.
we know you miss us dearly
for we are your number one.
and here's a snack for you
every martin fam bam is coming into town
every single one of us.
put your dukes up.
we're coming on over.
26 days to go.

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