Sunday, April 4, 2010

i just want to begin this "whatever" post with the fact that i think i have really great looking parents. i mean really, they sizzle.
a modern doris day married to a silver fox.
besides that kind note, these two superstars are on a cruise right now.
without me.
and no invitation.
so in behalf of their absence on easter, and their sailing of the sea i said,
"whatever, i'll just treat myself and dine at the Grand American easter buffet in downtown salt lake city."
and that i did.
and i felt like true royalty.
and really bloated afterwards.
so take that donna and brian.
i dont need no royal Caribbean cruise line to feel a dash of royalty.
my buffet was a dynasty. oh yes in deed.
p.s. this is merely a joke. im really not mad about the cruise thing. but i really did eat at the grand american easter brunch buffet. i dont joke about that kind of stuff.

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