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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day Two in California brought us love in the air. Woot woot! Casey Kirkland and Ashley Anderson tied the knot! We all headed on over to the Los Angeles Temple to cheer on Mr. & Mrs. Kirkland. The wedding was beautiful. Ash's dress was perfect for her. She had her close friend design and sew it. To me it was very 1920's which is one of my favorite times fashion wise. Ash's colors were navy and cream and she topped it off nicely with Jcrew's latest Navy Wrap Dresses. I loved the bow ties for the groomsmen with their tuxes. So chic. Besides the looks of it, Ash and Cas were so happy and in love. It was so fun to gather together with their friends and family and be a part of it.

side note to self: it's cool to be single. single is fun. woot woot?

the bride. 
the lovebirds.
the party.

ashley kirkland
est. 2.12.09

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