Sunflower Picking.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The other day my roommate Meagan and I were about to go insane. We needed to get out of the apartment so we decided to head over to Riverwoods and make a pit stop at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. I was desperately craving an Apple Pie Caramel Apple. And thankfully, I was satisfied. On our way back, on the side of the road was this hill full of Black Eyed Susans and we spotted ONE MASSIVE Sunflower. I about flipped seeing as how I have been obsessed with sunflowers since I was little. So we pulled over on University Avenue and we hiked. Not propperly dressed, we only picked the Black Eyed Susans and planned to go home and get the right picking clothes on, a butcher knife and a flash light. And that we did, and we got ourseleves a nice garden on our apartment balcony.

1 comment:

Jake and Jenna said...

did you guys plan to dress alike? cute OUTFITs. you are a sunflower, my pet.

this might tickle your fancy

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