Mamma Mia.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Obviously, I just saw the movie Mamma Mia tonight and let me tell you, it's a good one. We were laughing so hard. I went and saw it with my mom and my Aunt Lana and her daughter Sarah. I don't know where the movie took place, but it's on some island. I want to say it was in Greece, but everything in the movie was so colorful! The singing was awesome. Even our hunk-a-roo Pierce Brosnon sang a bit and he wasn't too shabby. Miss Streep did her thing and it was just soo great! Plus, I love Abba's music. I remember when I was a little younger, but not too young, my cousin Ashley and I would share headphones and dance on the beach at Hilton Head to "Mamma Mia" & "S.O.S." Don't worry, we'd also belt it out... and we still do, so this movie was such a treat because the music really gets me going.

My new favorite, "Gimme, Gimme, Gimme."
soundtrack of the week.


Jake and Jenna said...

i can't wait to see it.

Tracy E said...

Oh my gosh we loved it! My husband and I had seen the play twice so we were really rebbed up to go. Megan loved the play too. She is anxious to see the movie. Glad to see you young folk can enjoy the 70's with us who are slightly older.

The Young Family Inc. said...

i LOVED it! The glitter, sparkles, music, dancing, colors... the soundtrack is totally stuck in my head!

There were a bunch of older ladies dancing in the isles!! If only I wasn't so inhibited.

nat said...

that's all i needed--your post to finalize my plan to go the movies! i can't WAIT to see this movie. thx for your review! and thx for your darling blog. i love reading it. :)

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