scoot scootin' with the "benson's!"

Sunday, May 26, 2013

I'm pretty pumped whenever I get to spend some last minute moments with Marissa before she weds her sweetheart Dan. The other night was just the perfect no big deal of an excursion that took  me back to the days of being collage roommates with all of my girlfriends, which really wasn't too long ago.

The Zoo always goes to play tennis or mountain bikes after work, so I was killing time in my bungalow when I heard a toot tootin' horn and peeked out the window to see one golden-eyed motorized scooter, and there they were... the soon to be Benson's in all their glory. Keep in mind, I was in my pajama's and quickly threw on some pants and a hat and jumped on board wondering where we were heading, only to find we were going to the most ghetto grocery store in all of Provo.

And that's all that the excursion was. It was just a block behind mine and the Zoo's bungalow and around the corner and we were probably gone for no more than twenty minutes but I still was having a blast, tossing my head back in the wind and sandwiched between the two lovebirds. I couldn't help but think, even though what we were doing was nothing special, I was still having a feel good time. And it's little moments like that which make you happy, happy with the everyday happenings in your life be it big or little.

So many exciting things lay ahead of me in life. I was talking to my Dad on the phone the other night and we've both come to the conclusion that life is really good right now. We are very blessed with the people in our lives be it family or friends. I am one lucky girl. That's all that there is to it.

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