plan b.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

oso i made it out of the house today with a little more confidence.
the bangs will be bangs. they now belong on my forehead for the time being.
i think my sister jenna is right when she says,
"i bet you'll grow em out before you let them grow on you."
uh yeah. i asked liz how much a trim to the bangs costs.
she says free. as tempting as the words "free" sound...
i'll pass that offer up. what even gave me more of a boost to pass that up was this pretty face who was starring at me in the line at the grocery store.
"well sheena marie williams."
There she is again with her beautiful precious hair. look at the color, and look at that simple cut.
cha-ching. august's issue of vogue is now mine.
it's my study guide/reminder/ to grow the bangs. live and learn. make a goal.
and quit my crying.
so here she is. here is gwyneth's spread. and my future natural makeover.
cheers to hair pills.


J & J said...

oh my gosh. i KNEW it. make a decision woman! good luck with the growth. and you know i'm dying over these photos. she is a goddess.

Nicole said...

I LOVED this issue and her. She is perfect.

Lindsay Wells said...

I wish to one day be able to cook while wearing couture too

sara rae said...

I loved all these.

this might tickle your fancy

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