express yourself.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

as madonna says, "express yourself."
so here i go.

1. im watching the "wedding singer" with my pal isaac right now and i am literally rolling. i forgot how classic this flick is, how drew barrymore isn't really THAT bad and how i really dig adam sandler's mullet.
2. i blog stalk. whatever. most likely so do you.
3. i think our generation is so weird. the way brides dress and do their hair these days is so casual, indie and STRANGE. am i the only one who plans on being a really fancy bride or something?
4. i've eaten cafe rio for dinner three nights in a row this past week. the third meal was free and felt like a victory. if there is one thing im really good at mastering, it's the process of downing a full cafe rio salad.
5. tomorrow provo is due for thunderstorm. im really pumped for this. eh scratch that, no im not. i just realized my yellow dresser is still outside drying. i can never win.
6. the purpose of this post is to keep me entertained because boredom has taken over.
7. oh and baskin robbins has amazing sorbet flavers right now. apple, blueberry and grape sorbet swirled? i'll take it. plus it looks like play-doe which makes it really fun to eat.


Sarah Young said...

Okay, well since you already know I read your blog and you yourself just admitted to being a blog stalker, I'll now feel free to comment without feeling like a weirdo. LOVE this post. Especially the part about the Wedding Singer (one of my faves) and the indie wedding epidemic! When Adam and Amanda got married this girl came out of the temple wearing a gray cardigan over her wedding dress and her man was wearing slacks, shirt, no tie and a fidora.... I thought "Hmmm, cute but NOT on your wedding day!" So thank you for agreeing to doll it up. Besides, your a Southerner, dolling up is a prerequisite!

ALIX said...

um hi... i do stalk your blog sometimes so call me guilty. i came accross your blog through ashley sant's blog and jenna's. (i went to high school with jake) anyway, just thought maybe i should speak up about my subtle following of your blog. and no, you are not the only one who wants a fancy shmancy wedding.

ALIX said...
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