the big bang theory.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

ehh. so i got a little bold today. really bold. like i couldn't stop myself bold and then i started to get all pumped because i felt so unstoppable and brave to make what i think is a huge transition.
now im laughing at myself because i dont know if what i have done was a smart thing.
and there really is nothing i can do but go with it and make the best out of my

that's what i get for being alone in provo.
with no one in the streets.
and no one in the house to give me their personal opinion on wether i should
just do it or dont even go there.
well i went there. and i feel like im wearing a wig.
i feel like kate hudson in "bride wars."
right, i know... im obsessed with kate hudson, so to feel like her should feel like a victory. even though kate's my woman, my leading lady, i've heard a few mouths say,
"ehh... not feeling her hair in that flick."
so with that said.... i pulled into the grocery store parking lot today, sat in the car. played with my kate hudson bangs in the mirror, and i dashed out of smiths like a mad woman.
im not ready for the public eye to see my bangs. i've got to feel like myself first.


Nicole said...

AHHH! Love the new bangs! You are hotter than Kate. I can't wait to see you.

MarLeice said...

i love them!

liz said...

um so yeah i really really really really LOVE the bangs... i am jealous you can pull them off because i can't!

Brady and Brittany said...

freaking love them rach.

Ash & JD said...

I think bangs are a nice change. At least they were for me. I was over them after a while...but seriously, it was such a nice change in my "hair life." I think it makes people look like a whole new person.... more edge, you know?

Unknown said...

Can you just smile normal for me? It just might look better!! Mom likes the bangs.

Lindsay Nicole said...

Rach! They are just epically beautiful! love 'em :)

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