Tuesday, August 24, 2010

one word to describe my life right now.

holy cow. it's the time of year again where the happy valley is up and running with their heads cut off. moving boxes and running flights of stairs become our daily routine.
am i loving it? no. i don't know why i do this to myself. I think i move into a different apartment every semester of my life.
1. king henry
2. alpine village
3. university avenue condos
4. belmont
5. house on 500 north
6. AVENUES (current moving destination)

I am beyond wiped out. Im pretty sure this moving business is the best training i could take up on before i begin my p90x trial. no joke.
by the end of the day i feel like im about to puke from exhaustion. with three flights of stairs + an extra from the garage and no men in town this week to help, my legs and arms no longer exist. at least i can no longer feel them.
did i mention i start school tomorrow? my life is out of control right now.
this is why baskin robbins ice cream is my new best friend.
give me till saturday, i'll be a sane woman once again.
cheers to a new semester in the happiest valley known to mankind.
tootles wonderful people of mine.

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