time to spook.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

hey you guys... my favorite holiday has finally arrived in its prime. halloween weekend. are you as pumped and spooked out as i? i have yet to go to a haunted house, can you believe that? i can't. so tonight i shall embark in a terrifying journey. zeke-a-leak heard of a free haunted house down a couple of cities in the middle of no where put on by this old lady. sounds like a plan of murder to me... i might just sit that one out and pay up the bills for one i know i can exit out of with a life to live. pumpkins will once again be carved. zeke and i carved some a couple of weeks ago. we aint too smart because they rotted the other day. gotta start all ova. and come monday, i will turn into THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN and I cannot wait. my roommates and i have been very serious of our costumes this year. and we are going halloween traditional. a mummy, the bride, a witch, this aint no skanky holiday. dont even get me started about the girls in provo who flaunt their feminine assets. put some clothes on. it's gonna be a great hallows-eve. here's a little halloween song I grew up listening to as a kiddie.

"what are you going to be on halloween night? A witch, or a goblin or a ghoul? What are you going to be, WAIT don't tell me. Wait till halloween and let me guess."

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