graveyard shindigs.

Friday, October 14, 2011

this picture makes me laugh for a few reasons, actually only one : zekes caterpillar resting on the top of his lip. boy does a man love a good mustache.  he really does take pride in his mario & luigi getup. i love it. he's a funny guy.

so far october has been a joy if you cut out the schooling at uvu. my roommates and i have been decorating the condo with spooky cobwebs, flying bats, and more to come. we're pretty excited for our murder mystery we'll be hosting on halloween. i can't wait for my halloween costume that miss martha stewart is guiding me through with her halloween handbook. im still trying to convince zeke to be frankenstein. i dont think he'll pull through, but thats okay. we've done nothing with our lives but rent 99 cent horror movies from blockbuster, and get stomach aches from an over load of apple cider and hot chocolate. pumpkin patches are to come within the next week and i think we're going to take on a great haunted house, or maybe even that haunted circus we've been hearing about.

you know what i really want to do that no one else does because they call me crazy? i want everyone to dress up like the old school classic ghost costume where you just cut holes for eyes in a white sheet and drape it over your body, then i want to go to a graveyard and play ghost in the graveyard wearing your ghost costume. or play hide and seek. AND EVERYONE WHO I SUGGEST THAT TOO LOOKS AT ME LIKE IM SOME SORT OF IDIOT. why does no one else think that sounds like a fun idea? its frustrating sometimes.

i remember when i was little, actually, i dont think i remember, i just hear the story so much from my parents that i feel as if i remember. but i was too young to remember the memories. anyways, i was told that as a family we were coming home from somewhere, and it was october and we drove pass a graveyard and my dad pulled the car over and asked my sisters if they could read the names on the gravestones. saying that they couldn't, my dad then dared them to get out of the car and walk up to the gravestone to get a real good look at it. well, they did and sure enough my parents took off in the car laughing, just laughing away with their two daughters wetting themselves in a graveyard, all alone wondering what kind of physcopaths are raising them. hearing the story, i dig it. because i love that kind of stuff. don't worry, my parents came back for them, but they wanted to give them a good scare and sure enough they did. i cant wait to make the whole month of october a fright fest for when i have kids. its gonna be one heck of a monster mash.

boy do i love halloween. sometimes more than christmas. dont shoot me for saying that.

there really isn't any more to say because i am so brain dead. i should be studying for a biology test but instead im on here and i really want to watch another episode of the city on netflix. that olivia palmero is a trip. wish her attitude was as nice as her style.
i have nothing more to say. what do people say on their own blogs anyway?

goodnight neverland.


Heidi Hansen said...

Jefe and I would play hide and seek with you two in costumes! hahah that's so hilarious

Rebecca Anderson said...

I will dress as a ghost. just call me.

J & J said...

uh, it was just ME. you and katie were warm and snuggly in the car and dad LEFT ME ALL ALONE!!

this might tickle your fancy

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