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Sunday, July 3, 2011

guess who is back! my whole mom's side of the family and i have just returned from the grand ol' island of south carolina that i constantly rave about : hilton head island. my roommates and friends constantly joke about my obsession of this island. they claim they know all the tiny facts of the island and the people who reside there that have become a part of my life. maybe i do talk too much of this place but i really do just love it to death.

our family took over the resort as usual, nothing new. this year, i think the cousins mostly favored the pools. we seem to go back and forth depending on the year when it comes to the pool or the beach. you'd think we'd choose the beach since that's the reason for our stay but how could you deny a horseshoe pool located next to pool bar jim with local reggae music being performed daily? you can't. besides we like to constantly stay cool and perfect our pool flips.

we've branched out from our original daquari's this year. normally we go for : strawberry, peach and pina colada (not i, coconut sadly makes me barf.) so bland, right? i promise though peach is such a treat. BUT THIS YEAR we've really found a liking for ... drum roll please....

our family takes credit for the orange lemon. we created it and jim did the rest. he mentioned that people saw us carrying them around everyday, asked what we were sipping on and had one themselves. we set trends.

any hoo. the trip was another great year. it's my favorite week of the year. i look forward to this week more than i look forward to christmas. that's pretty crazy, i know. so now you're thinking, "wow, hilton head island must be the place." well it is. and i invite you to the south and take a bite of life. really. enjoy the island through photos my friends.


Laura A. said...

Looks like y'all had an awesome time in Hilton Head. Love all the photos.

Sherie said...

I live and work on Hilton Head! You are right it is pretty awesome. Glad to hear you had a great time :)

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