april's the month for miss reese.

Monday, April 25, 2011

everything about this picture of reese is perfect. this photo is a still from her new hit, "water for elephants." the zekester is taking me this weekend to go see this film and i couldn't be anymore thrilled. im sure you all are in the same sailboat as me. i've heard such great reviews about this and im holding out for mr. pattinson. im hoping this will be his "make it" film because i'd be so bummed for him to ruin this... p.s. i love christopher waltz, as an actor. he is incredible. 

dont you think reese's look is naturally perfect? she makes me want short hair again and her platinum color is a reminder to go that bright for the spring and summer. can't wait to have that pop of brightness. i just love reese. she is one talented miss-thang.

p.s. im sitting in my bed right now watching "the twilight zone" because that's the sort of thing im into... and thunder is a-roaring. this to me, is rare for utah. i couldn't be happier.

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