Friday, February 25, 2011

aside from my new relationship that i am currently and realistically in with a boy named zeke. who at times i love to drive up a wall by calling him, "zeke squad, zekey torch (tiki torch) and zekey zoo" all of which he hates... i also have an open relationship with my gal pal lelani livingston. check her out? aint she a babe?

if there are any men, who follow my blog and are single and looking for that special someone, then look no further. she's right here. just right up there, with the brunette mane. she's a one of a kind stunna who is currently riding camels and exploring pyramids. traveling to and fro from egypt to jerusalem she is on the run and it's been months since i have seen this pretty face. and now only a couple more months until she will be back to the states as a full time american. we've been pen pals since she jetted out, and she is now something i look forward to when it's gmail time. we've given ourselves a name. brangelina won't do the trick so we have combined ray (my nickname) with lani and now we call ourselves raylani and it's the most beautiful noise in all the land. i sure miss this little lady and can't wait for her to return when the sun will finally shine. i'll be making trips and kicking it with her in the golden state of california. until then, i'll just continue my paper chain countdown.

onward, ever onward. 


Jenna said...

rach! i love your blog. you are so cute! miss you. xo

p.s. you, me, trev, zeke should hang out.

Leilani Livingston said...

i dig this. so much.


this might tickle your fancy

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