mr. oscar.

Monday, February 28, 2011

i sure hope you all tuned into the oscars last night. i sure did. i live for this kind of stuff. i secretly sit in my apartment and drool over the gowns and the hype and kind of pout over the fact that their life is far far from mine. i really wish i was famous and in the hollywood business, all of the time. it's what i day dream about. although i wish this, i also ask for a ticket to the 1950's and then i'd really be happy. i think it would be a dream to be a hollywood star in the 1950's. either way... i just wanted to say that when it came to the appearance, matthews brazilian beauty won the gold for me. she didn't try to hard, she was simple, elegant and stunning. her dress won my vote and i know want to be brazilian and matthews accessory. on a side note, i just want to apologize to all of those who were really looking forward to eyeing my boyfriend, leo (leonardo dicaprio) on the red carpet. unfortunately... he couldn't be there because him and i were snuggled up on the couch watching the ceremony at home with a box of otter pops. 

really though... where was my boyfriend leo? he was all i cared for. 
happy monday, and cheers to a new week. 

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