park city escapades.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

park city has been a friend of mine lately.
i've spent the past two weekends up there for fun little festivities.
one of which was the celebration of my friend robby's 23rd birthday.

robbys parents and sista flew on up,
snatched a cabin in the woods and threw
one heck of a party. if you don't know by now,
my friends and i resort to dancing. it's what we live for.
we have a set playlist, with a few of our recommended
favorites and get lost in our moves. for reasons unknown,
we haven't danced in awhile. maybe it's because the thought of
a provo party isn't as appealing to us anymore...
either way, we were kind of craving a dancing moment
and the stowell's granted us just that.
robby and all of our close friends packed ourselves in the garage
and we went wild. i was seriously keeling over with cramps,
i haven't danced in so long. it was a great release of energy.
i was seriously in ma zone the whole night.

please look at jan in blue.
her legs were about to snatch
she was dancing so hard.
i hope you all will let yourself let loose
like this once in awhile.
its the best feeling.

1 comment:

nicole me oh my! said...

i agree, the dancing was unreal.

you guys have such a great group of friends!

it was so fun to hang out with you.


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