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Saturday, November 20, 2010

i hate to brag, but im gonna brag.
my niece, abby girl is out of control with
her cuteness.
look at her twinkle toes.
i could eat them.
i love when she sucks on her finger.
and i love her eyes. i just love my abby girl.
im really happy that i am her aunt ra.ra.
that's all i have to say today.
love you abby girl.

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Lizzie said...

Rachel, This is lizzie by the way, I just found your blog from your facebook page and it is so great! Abby girl is so darling..... I dream of the day when I can be an aunt. Slash mom. Thank you for paying special tribute to her *twinkle toes,* because she is so cute and her toes are the cutest, I agree.

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