winding down to graduation, GRADUATION!

Monday, December 9, 2013

This is what life looks like, all of the time - my artwork for school in consuming my soul seeing as how I have ONE WEEK LEFT. Yes, one week my friends! I truly honestly never thought this day would arrive. I remember it like it was yesterday realizing that I had two more extra years to go and I was beyond devastated!

Now, it's nothing but crunch time and I find all of the free time I can get to paint at home while I'm not in the studio at school. This is what my living room looks like - couch is never put together and you'll find remnants of cafe rio here and there... can you spy the red straw? It's okay though, I am enjoying these last moments of being a student and though I am not too sad about graduating... I have somewhat enjoyed my time at Utah Valley Univeristy - I mean it's no SCAD (which was my original plan then I through myself for a loop) but it was good to me nonetheless and I have more than grown with my talent and I have opened my eyes to new paths within my future career and I cannot wait! Just five more days and I'll be a college graduate! WOOHOO!

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