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Sunday, July 14, 2013

These aren't the best photos, as I took them with my phone, but it's just bits and pieces of our new home coming together. The process is slow for certain, but every home takes some time to come together. Unlike our bungalow with all of the unique character, we don't have any built in shelving and areas to showcase some of our decor pieces. I am so very tempted to just keep them packed in storage and not even fuss with it.

I believe every home says a lot about someone - their style, interests and their background. I can't help but step back from what I've done so far and think, "Well it kind of looks like I'm going on vacation in the Caribbean..." I can't complain but it cracks me up how it always ends up that way. The Zoo and I went to The Home Depot the other night and went a little over board on some plants for our very small living room. We both couldn't decide, and he hated my fiddle fig leaf, and I hated his, so we bit the bullet and got both plus one. The Zoo treats the plants like they are our children (since they are real and all...). "Did you feed the plants today?" he always asks. You mean, did I water the plants today? Well for being so on top of it, he "accidently" killed my fiddle fig. It was starting to look like is needed some more sunlight since they are indoor plants (and for a reason) so he took mine outside in the backyard for some time and brought it back in to find that the whole dog on thing had wilted to the ground!

Can you tell we are slowly but surely learning how to take care of indoor plants? If it were my moms plant, she'd die. The fiddle fig is getting a little better but we were laughing over the fact that we fought over the plants and then killed them, and that they are overpowering our living room because we couldn't make up our minds.

Either way, our home is coming together and it's always an exciting time. Though change is hard, it's good for us and much needed.  And that's that!


Unknown said...

Rachel, I am LOVING your house! So adorable, and your style is on another level. I love it! Where did you find your mustard pillows, and that pink and white stripe blanket on your couch?

Rachel Anne Robbins Kuch said...

Thanks Amanda! The pillows are from Crate & Barrel and the blanket is from anthro!

Lindsay said...

So cute! Your blog as become one of my favorites. Love your style!

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