video footage from the island in ze south.

Friday, June 28, 2013

A little wild, huh? We've been coming to this island for about 18 years now, and though each of us in the family grow older, we always find our young selves here on this island. This island really brings the kid outta you. I made a video of our trip here on the island in 2010 and that's all so I promised myself I'd do another one this time around. I don't know why I don't make one every year. Somethings gotta change so from here on out, a film of our happy place will be captured every year. Mark my words.

I have never loved a place more besides my home in Georgia. But Hilton Head Island, it's my second home. I've grown up here since age seven, and now the island has seen me through my awkward teenage years, my wild collage years, and now bringing my husband along with me for the ride. Our family has made friends on the island who are true treasures to us, especially our main squeeze, Mr. Pool Bar Jim. He always gives us a warm welcome back to the island every year. "Can't believe you're married now Miss Robbins! I still remember you guys ordering drink as kids!" he'd say.

This vacation is better than Christmas. Not an ounce of presents will make me as happy as I am when I cross over the bridge of marshes and enter the island of palmettos and live oak trees. Nothing else brings me such joy. Nothing. One week out of the year is just not enough time spent on the island. I count my blessings over and over again that my parents bit the bullet, though it didn't take much, to finally buy themselves a home in Hilton Head that will become a heirloom in the family. Now I can really say, that this place is my second home sweet home and nothing else warms my soul.


B+E said...

I came across your blog and am actually going to Hilton Head on Monday. Do you have any must go places? This will be my first time there! I would leave to hear suggestions. Loved the video! xx

Mickelle said...

cuute! question-did you use imovie or something fancier like final cut? i'm living in north carolina for a few months this summer and now i better add hilton head to my list of must see's!

Rachel Anne Robbins Kuch said...

B+E sorry to respond so late to your comment, as I'm sure you've already passed through Hilton Head! I hope you enjoyed your time on the island and fell in love with it. My must go places would have been to go to Sea Pines and spend a evening in Harbour Town with all of the boats and the lighthouse, great food music and shops!

Mickelle, I used Imovie on my computer and I actually have the older version too, so I'm sure you can do so many more wonderful things if you've got the newer version!

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