summer jams for the soul.

Friday, June 10, 2011

i, like you, obsess over summer. 
i, like you, dig some good summer jams
so here are some that i adore by the poolside. enjoy. 

it's a long list... hold on tight. 

"truth" : chiddy bang
"1234 (van she remix) : feist
"100 yard dash" : raphael saadiq
"40 day dream" : edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros
"all things go" : chiddy bang
"this must be the place" : talking heads
"pumped up kicks" : foster the people
"one evening (remix by vv)" : feist
"mushaboom (mocky mix) (mix)" : feist
"marathon" : tennis
"i feel it all (escort mix)" : feist
"helena beat" : foster the people
"boy" : ra ra riot
"walking on a dream" : empire of the sun
"cape cod kwassa kwassa (the very best remix)" : vampire weekend
"holiday" : vampire weekend
"magdelena" : brandon flowers
"skinny genes" : eliza doolittle
"heartbeats" : the knife
"sunshine" : matt costa
"opposite of adults" : chiddy bang

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