zekey & rach to california they go.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

yaba daba doo. zeke attack and i hit the roads my little jacks, for a trip to california. 
spring break toasted me a treat to golden rays & an azure sky. 80 degree weather riding bikes to and fro beach to beach. eating whatever lands in our mouths and regretting it the morning after. visiting friends and meeting new. we had a really grand ol' time. 

zeke squad is a funny one. 10 hour car ride with the boy is a field day. all we did was hoot and holler. good thing he's entertaining or we'd both be busted for not making road trip mixes and jams like we said we would. wish you guys could meet zekey zoo. he's a goof. a good one. hope you all had a great week, and where ever you may be, may the weather be so ever kind to you... 

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Hayley Noelle said...

So cute Rach babe. Love these.

this might tickle your fancy

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