pah i can breath.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

can i tell you how happy i am to see anthropologie dishing out some great pieces for spring? a little color here, a lot of floral here... 
it's all that i need. a little bit of life to breathe. 
this is the one thing that kills me about winter. my wardrobe is thick with layers, 
and dull of color, as well as my skin and i can only take it for so long. 
its such a shame that they throw these gems at me when the sun won't shine till april... 
gotta graduate fast and head back south, that's for sure. 
until then, i'll save my pennies, stalk up and make room on the racks!


Brady and Brittany said...


SHANNON said...

that skirt looks so fun & flirty! :) SKV6.BLOGSPOT.COM

this might tickle your fancy

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