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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

there is a place called pirate island.
and on thursday nights at pirate island
there is an event called open karaoke.
for those of you who do not know
my signature karaoke song back in high school
was "love shack" by the b-52's.
as years have passed on
i have taken my new signature song very seriously.
"moulin rouge."
by christina agularia and friends.
forunately, i am not the only one who takes this
song seriously. my diva friend, brad masters, is also on board.
this song is actual what kindled the flame to our friendship.
so we will sing it for the world to hear.
because we go on with our bad selves.
p.s. don't be fooled, i was so nervous to get up there.
i can even explain to you how unreal my cotton mouth was.
like, i would smile or laugh at brad and realize my upper lip was rolled
up to the top of my gums and my teeth were fully exposed.
i didn't know what to do with myself.


Ed and Amanda said...

holy cow rachel, i miss you. you are AMAZING in this!

mommy said...

Whooo Baby.... Who are you anyway?

Yo' Momma

Ballard said...

Rachel, I am like in shock how ridiculously good you are at karaoke singing. I am so impressed! haha You are awesome! we miss you!

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