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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

gah. my friends have done it to me again.
their weddings are killing me. im so in love with all of them.
i just chatted with my friend sara (sari) on ze phone
to find that her wedding pictures were posted by
photographer jill thomas.
sari & i would spend hours upon hours blog stalking
wedding photographers.
im pretty sure sari found a winner.
i drooled over these photographs of the lovebirds.
i can't get over how incredibly
adorable sara and dillon christensen are.
eat up my buttercups.

1 comment:

sara rae said...

rach this post is so sweet. i feel so honored to be posted about. i wish i were half as naturally beautiful as you. your wedding will be incredible i can't even imagine. i miss blog stalking with you.

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