a cougar cool down.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

whelp, of course BYU would break this record when im not in town. provo, utah just broke the record of having the world's largest water balloon fight. more than 3,900 people participated throwing 120,000 water balloons. reporters say students spent all night preparing for this day, making sure they would have enough balloons to set a world record. the previous world record was set by the University of Kentucky. sorry turkeys, a cougar cool down just blew you out of the water. a friend of a friend took video footage of this historic moment for provo cougars. i think he captured the moment perfectly. i really dig this kind of stuff. it makes me step back and say, "gosh, i really do have a soft spot for provo."
World's Largest Water Balloon Fight from Michael Paul on Vimeo.

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