Goodmorning California.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day One has arrived. Bright and early, 9 am, we landed in Burbank, Califnornia. The sun was shining, not a drop of rain was falling and we toured my favorite little town in California. La Canada. I fall in love with the California poppies everytime I am there. They are by far my favorite flowers. I drool over them. And don't get me started on the orange trees in everyone's front yard. I plan to have those planted outside my kitchen window someday. For sure. 

Day one was quite a snack. We drove on over to my friend Em's house and headed out to lunch at "The Kitchen." Ceasar salads and deep dish sun dried tomato pizza. bam. Then Em surprised us with front row seats to the JAY LENO SHOW. I know, right? I do not tell a lie. And guess who was on the show, PAULA ABDULE and AMY ADAMS. I almost wet myself. Such a neat experience. Not to mention before the show began, I volunteered to share my wonderful talent of belting out my version of "Love Shack" infront of an audience of 300, only to win lotion.... unfortunaltely there were no hollywood scouters there to witness my karaoke performance that could have been spared. Jay appreciated it. 

kim, mel ballard, meg, em, rach.
the kitchen.

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