Fortune-Telling Book of Names.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

So I bought a little nick-knack at Pottery Barn the other day. It's a very cute little yellow Fortune-Telling book of names and since I have always had that "mysterious" side to me and I am a sucker for lists of kids names I thought to myself, "Jackpot." It's really interesting so I thought I'd be kind and tell all of YOU your fortune! Eat up. 

I'll start off with mine. 

RACHEL: (Hebrew) You are destined for marital bliss. Your wedding will be just the beginning of the love affaire. (not too shabby)

DONNA: (Italian) All of your sacrificing and selflessness will set you up for even greater success. 

BRIAN: (Irish) You will be publicly recognized for an honorable action. 

KATIE: **unfortunately and strangely, your name is not in here but Katrina is so we'll go with the flow.** (German) You will have an unorthodox but very happy and contended marriage. 

ZACH: (Hebrew) Prosperity and good health are fated for you and your family. 

ANDREW: (Greek) Don't let courage turn into bravado, or your professional relationships will sour. 

JAKE: (Hebrew) Your intellectual thinking and good judgement will take you to the top and keep you there. (this is for jake vela and jake hillstead)

JENNA: (English) Once you break free from restrictive family ties, you will reach a long- sought-after goal.

ASHLEY: (English) Your playful spirit will lead you into questionable situations. Use discretion, or you may find yourself in hot water. (this is for ashley eckel, ashley sant, and ashley hillstead.)

AARON: (Hebrew) You will be revered for your business acumen. 

MEGAN: (Greek) The end of your personal tribulations will coincide with the long-overdue end of a romantic relationship. (this is for megan young and megan bean.)

BECCA: (Hebrew) Your ambition will exhaust you but will keep you from complacency. 

BLAKE: (English) A romantic liaison is in your future. Don't let passion overcome reason, or you're in trouble.

ALI: (English) Your benevolence will be greatly appreciated, but beware of those who may try to take advantage of it. 

BRITTANY: (English) Your clever wit will captivate and intimidate. Use it wisely, and professional and personal success will be yours. 

DANI: (Hebrew) Success in a difficult endeavor is yours  but only after a period of frustration.

JUSTIN: (Latin) The completion of your business dealings will leave you a rich man. 

SARAH: (Hebrew) Your confidence combined with your abilities will make you shine at work. (this is for both Sarah Young, Sara Mildenhall, and Sarah Larsen)

MARYN: unfortunately, Maryn was not in the book. sorry about that one. 

BRYNNA: and neither was brynna but lauren is!

LAUREN: Anticipate a sudden but adventurous change of environment. (this is for both lauren young and lauren w.)

KEVIN: (Irish) Nobody's perfect. Accept your mistakes and inadequacies, or you will never be truly content.

DANIEL: (Hebrew) You will take a spiritual pilgrimage that will bring you tremendous peace.

ADAM: (Hebrew) Your originality will be a source to much success in personal and professional affairs. 

KENDALL: (English) A cross-country journey will reveal the opportunity of a lifetime.

MADDIE: (Greek) A difficult endeavor will earn you more respect than money.

RICKY: (English) You will have several significant financial setbacks. Be smarter with your money, and you'll get through it.

JENEE: (Welsh) You are due for a change of scenery. Don't fight it. The result will be a pleasant one. 

NICCO: woops, sorry nicco isn't in the book either. 

KAI: (Welsh) Slow down. Take a breath. Or your intensity and extremism will inhibit you from true success. 

CREW: Crew's not in here either, but they sure are cute!

ROB: (English) You will have to endure a period of heated quarrels before the road to romance smoothes out. 

LIZ: (Hebrew) You need to never worry about money. 

RYAN: (Irish) Anticipate disputes with your lover. Having a gift on hand probably isn't a bad idea. 

LUCY: (Latin) A current problem will have an unusual but entirely palatable resolution. 

JANE: (Hebrew) To finally move forward in your life, you will need to make amends for a past wrong. 

SHELLY: (French) Questionable business practices will get you into trouble. Stay clear of bad influences. 

TODD: (English) Unexpected news will necessitate foreign travel.

NATALIE: (Latin) The winter season will prove to be a particularly productive time for you. Anticipate good news on Christmas. 

SAMANTHA: (Aramaic) Unexpected fame will shock and delight you. 

TY: (English) A new relationship will open your mind and your heart. 

ANNE: (Hebrew) Your propensity to love is a beautiful but dangerous thing. Be careful with your heart. 

LUKE: (Latin) Your stress and anxiety will be eased one you right a past wrong. 

woo-hoo I am done... that was a long list. Anyhoo, of course these aren't true, although I will go forth in pretending that mine is, I just thought these were kind of fun to read! Hope you enjoyed flipping through my yellow Fortune-Telling Book of Names!



The Young Family Inc. said...

Really? REALLY!?!? Were these in there or did you just make them up!?!? All of the Young's were spot on. Pottery Barn is magic.

Rachel Anne Robbins Kuch said...

Pottery Barn IS magic! These were actually in the book! It's a fun little book, great for name hunting too!

Ashley Karena said...

Well I like the fact that it says I am a playful spirit. The rest, mm... not so much.

Rebecca Anderson said...

hahaha i don 't understand mine i think my parents should have stuck with rachel dang it!

danielle said...

i love stuff like this... except not too thrilled with my fortune :)

liz said...

well i am going to pretend that mine IS true beacause not having to worry about money would be a dream.. maybe pojo is going to be huge and hit oprah.. you can come with if that ever happens. see you tommorrow!

Anonymous said...

ha ha good to know! thanks rach. congrats on Ghana that will be amazing...can i come! wooloo

this might tickle your fancy

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