Brave New Soul.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

That's it. My hair is simply Plain Jane. And I am not a plain person, and my name is Rachel. So Im going to spice up life with a new hairstyle. One that I have been wanting since I was a freshman in High School. Im a little past the due date, don't you think? So here it is. BANGS babay.
Patrick- pull out the scissors and chop suey!
warning: I am still holding strong to growing my actual hair out. Don't fret people. 
Friday is the big day. 1:00 pm. YESSS. a new look to a new life. 
why say life? Because Im fed up. I am going to travel. Im saving up my work money to land here:
To hang out with these studs.
and help out a bit. 
and then travel and have a vacation here with my roomie:
Fiji/Australia/New Zealand. 


danielle said...

love it.
& we've got to live it up while we can, huh?

J & J said...

i fully support you in all your endeavors.

J & J said...

and i love you.

J & J said...

a lot.

this might tickle your fancy

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