i miss this type of fun.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

ka dance from andrew+carissa on Vimeo.

though i dont know these specific kiddies personally, this video warms my heart and reminds me of my kiddies who i spent hours upon hours with in ghana two years ago. we did this sort of thing 24/7. there was never enough dancing, never enough laughter, never enough fun. i love that dancing is a major part of the african culture. it was one of the ways i gained a large amount of happiness while hanging out with my kiddies. we just let ourselves go and became free. what i'd give to spend time with them right now. 
goodness gracious. 

from me, to you.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

it's true. im selling more clothes from my closet again, 
from me, to you. so please take these from me and be quick, im treating ebay to the same pieces as well! yikes!
to see clothes visit :

make your closet happy!

happy shopping kiddies.

monday nights in the park.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

monday night zekey squad and i did a little party crashing at our friends ward for their family home evening. we had to, they were offering free costa vida. now, i know, it aint no cafe rio and i will defend the rio till this day that nothing can compare. but when it's free, it's free.

the weather has been really nice lately. i can expect that falls arrival is in full speed ahead. the days still warm up to the mid 80's but the mornings and nights are chilly and crisp. the utah trees have yet to spruce up some festive colors but the season is definitely around the corner. school is an overload this week and im ready to throw in the towel. need not to worry, ohio state football will keep me somewhat calm if i continue to convince myself that this is a rebuilding season for the buckeyes, october isnt too far away, and haunted houses and halloween decorations are in preparation.  sure do love this time of year.

princess grace.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

for those of you who are unaware, i am very much so all about princess grace kelly. she is one of my most favorite people and i can never get enough of her. her style, her grace, her career, her royalty, all of it i just love. she has been one of my favorites since i can remember. no, yes i can remember.

growing up, my dad and i would watch alfred hitchcock films and grace kelly was his muse. two of my favorites of his, "rear window" and "to catch a thief" were mind blowing to me. grace was elegant as usual. and with my love of fashion, i couldn't get enough of her costumes designed by the most famous designer, edith head. just like hitchcock, edith used grace as a muse as well. did you know grace is one of ten woman who has changed fashion? im sure you did. either was, she has become my muse with fashion and style.

in my drawing II class we were asked to do a "take-home" assignment of anything we wanted to draw, so of course i chose the princess of monaco. i'd like to say im really pleased and excited with the outcome of my drawing. i don't normally do free hand drawing so this was a huge challenge for me and i really proved something to myself. plus, another check off the list of BFA portfolio to-dos!


Thursday, September 8, 2011

school & work are swamping both mine and zekes life. we no longer go out to eat, i am no too tired to watch movies due to the new sleeping schedule. but we are planning on having an adventure this weekend. hopefully salt lake can give us a great night out in the city. we're pretty pumped. fall is really here, im convinced. the windchill is high and i haven't built up a warm enough wardrobe yet. im shaking in my boots because i aint ready for the cold front. i will say... halloween is drawing nearer and little miss bride of frankenstein can't wait to set up some halloween decor.

a jersey girl.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

im really proud and excited to announce that my dear friend lindsay has been called to serve in the new jersey mission for the church of jesus christ of latter-day-saints. leaving in october, lindsay is pumped and ready and i couldn't be more happy for her! congrats lindsay loo, we'll miss you!

join buckeye nation for a new era of the ohio state buckeyes.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

dear fellow buckeyes,
dear fellow blog readers who no doubt will too be pumped up for all nationwide ohio state buckeyes when you view this trailer for a new era, a new season, and a new time for the ohio state university.

this season is for tressel. this season is to end the silence of our nonbelievers. the world doubts us as a team so the anthem of our season is, "shock the world." this season is to continue to bleed scarlet and grey. and that we will do with or without the support of other collage football lovers. like they say, don't ever make a buckeye angry.


this might tickle your fancy

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