move your body.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

now that school is out of session i spend my spare time practicing another form of art. 
dancing. my diva, she's done it again.... 

if you're an animal, then get on the floor.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

it's the new j.lo-ration guys, so we got on the floor. 

i have nothing more to say. 

april's the month for miss reese.

Monday, April 25, 2011

everything about this picture of reese is perfect. this photo is a still from her new hit, "water for elephants." the zekester is taking me this weekend to go see this film and i couldn't be anymore thrilled. im sure you all are in the same sailboat as me. i've heard such great reviews about this and im holding out for mr. pattinson. im hoping this will be his "make it" film because i'd be so bummed for him to ruin this... p.s. i love christopher waltz, as an actor. he is incredible. 

dont you think reese's look is naturally perfect? she makes me want short hair again and her platinum color is a reminder to go that bright for the spring and summer. can't wait to have that pop of brightness. i just love reese. she is one talented miss-thang.

p.s. im sitting in my bed right now watching "the twilight zone" because that's the sort of thing im into... and thunder is a-roaring. this to me, is rare for utah. i couldn't be happier.

happy easter my bunnies.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

this years easter turned into quite the adventure. i was on the go-go, go-go GO. i had to make an afternoon pit stop to the airport in salt lake to pick up my little niki girl so me, becca & chad decided to make a trip of it. we were blessed to see the mormon tabernacle choir give an easter concert in the old tabernacle for "music & the spoken word." sure do love that motab and the spirit they bring.

following the program we decided to explore temple square, visit some sister missionaries whom i'd hang with back in the day in provo, walk the ground of the conference centers roof, take a sunday drive to spot our favorite salt lake houses and explore the amazing architecture of the salt lake city capital building. i do say, they had their very own rendition of the grand staircase from the titanic. i do believe i played a little make-believe and saw mr. jack dawson wait for his lady by the clock. bah... how pathetic am i? really though, those were my thoughts exactly. teeny-bopper am i.

once nikki jetted back to the great salt lake we headed south to chads moms house where she fed us a delicious easter meal. we caught up on some zzzz's and went down memory lane with "you've got mail" flick and called it a wrap. i have always loved easter. i will say though, i sure did miss being at my home in georgia with the warm weather & humidity. i miss my moms lush backyard and her homemade lemonade, strawberry spinach salad and her key lime pies just to see my dad's face light up. it's okay though... i'll be heading on that midnight train to georgia come june. the countdown started 6 months ago. hope you all had a happy easter my little bunnies. may you remember the true meaning of this day. hope monday treats you well!


zekester test #1.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

eek. the zeke mister is a huge fan of random get to know you games and quizzes. me... not so much if i am being challenge without a study session. zeke had much contemplation during the past week of questions he wanted to ask me over a test. trivia questions, all about him. he's so in love with himself...

so i accepted the challenge. after 30 minutes worth of jotting down the test i looked over to find that the test was about 30 question long. fill-in-the-blanks, multiple choice, and true or false. zeke wasn't screwing around that's for sure. i was excited for this challenge until he sarcastically spit out the words, "i will break up with you if you get below a 50%."

okay zeke. he made me take the quiz in front of him. TIMED. the quiz was timed. if you know me, you know i don't do well with quizzes or tests, let alone if im being timed. so i was a little nervous. well im grateful that each question was a bloody trick question. for instance :

11. I want to go on my honeymoon to : (JUST PICK BEST ANSWER)

      a: Jamaica
      b: Tahiti
      c: Turks & Caicos
      d: Aruba

 i'm pretty at one point in time zeke squad has mentioned he liked ALL OF THOSE PLACES. and what on earth does, "just pick best answer" mean?
long story short i circled B: Tahiti. Apparently, I was wrong. I still dont know what the correct answer is because I was stubborn enough to drown out the sound of his correct answers.

I got 24 out of 41 correct. How embarrassing... we've been dating for almost 4 months now. good news is, if you do the math, i barely got over 50%. so we're still dating...


paint paint paint senora.

Monday, April 18, 2011

finals week in my painting classes are quite the trip. holy cow. i have never been this hung up on school. i love studying art though, and actually being able to do hands on projects with great results. rather than filling in circles on a scantron, i get to take something special home and hang it on my wall. the end of my painting class has been very fulfilling and rewarding, i must say. these 3 paintings are my final 3 of the class and have been my best work in the class so far, or at least the most fun to work on.

i typically focus on doing portraits, such as the paintings you've seen in previous posts: paint the YOUMAN way.
but with this painting class, we were dishing out a painting a week for a grade. im a slow and particular painter so a portrait takes me about 2-3 months... so i decided to take the more graphic design/decorative route in painting. lets just say, i experimented and im really proud of my results. 

1. for some odd reason, i have a thing for butterflies. it's weird i know. but in interior design, i always see shadow boxes of butterflies hung on a wall of pictures or a darling duvet cover with them fluttering all around. i recently bought an skirt from anthro with golden butterflies on it... i can't get enough. so i decided to do a study on butterflies and that i did. if you haven't noticed by now, this painting is of the butterfly icon on the left hand side of my blog. look familiar? the picture is a random google image i found and fell in love with the designs of the insects wings. enough said, i love butterflies.

2. does this look familiar? anthro rug remember way back when i decided to spend my summer in england embroidering a rug from anthro? remember when i thought it was possible to embroider fabric large enough to cover a canvas? remember when i only got this far and never finished? well... i decided to take on the same rug, but this time with oil paint rather than thread. and im very pleased to say the least.
Gloria's Garden Rug

3. this is nothing special but i've always wanted to do an abstract with really thick painterly brush strokes and the colors i used turned out to look like an abstract of the anthropologie rug.

all in all i have one more extra credit project that i am currently working on. i'll post within the next couple of days or so. other than that... onto the other million art projects that consume my life. to the students out there: happy studying
to the graduates: count your many blessings.

j.crew skip to ma lu.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

j.crew skip to ma lu. its the time of year. to open your eyes and be on the hunt for the perfect little swimmy. though j.crew is my top pick for one pieces... they aint pleasin' me the right way. all of their two pieces are to die for have have the perfect color scheme but for me and my one-sies... we obviously stand alone. why is every one piece an earth tone color? i've been living with the bare side of the earth for the past 6 months now and im ready for some color in my life. patience is what it takes because im hopeful that j.crew's got somethin' up their sleeve.

p.s. dont you wish to be a j.crew model? i do... just to travel to such fine places.

i pin my interests onto pretty boards.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

heyyy youuu guysss. for about 4-5 months now i have spent some spare time organizing my favorite things and interests on i really have become obsessed and i dont feel like im wasting my time, even though i probably am. but i really enjoy doing it. so there is my justification, it makes me happy.

here is my pinterest board link if you wanna follow and start up your own! you'll love it, i garuntee it.

happy weekend kiddies.

video footage: one sweet day.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

video footage is here of chad & i jamming away. please no judgments should be made. we were simply killing time on a sunday afternoon. this is nothing new for us. this is why i feel that a plane ticket to new york in the summer is worth it - to catch up and visit with this fine fellow.

the new donny & marie.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

my good texan friend chad here has decided that him and i are gonna give a generous break for donny & marie osmond. even if they don't want the break, we're gonna give them the boot. or maybe we'll just co-host with regis and kelly. we have so many options we're really unsure which route we'd like to take. this thought came about after having a random jam session of boyz II men and maria carey. which is also fitting for our weekend of 90's.

friday night we jumped up and down for the 90's in a small clubhouse of the lanai. saturday night was followed by a personal invite from sugar ray to hear the band sing in zekey zoo's neighborhood, the riverwoods. not even kidding, the concert was free. not a big deal. so sunday, chad and i thought we'd take it easy and simmer down the weekend with an emotional jam, which afterwards we realized, we've both found our future careers.

video to come soon. hope you had a great weekend my friends. its been real.

full bloom in anthro.

Monday, April 4, 2011

perfect for spring, yes you are anthro. i just wanted to post this picture because it's oh so very nice. the colors of the room, the fussy bed and the fact that anthro always has it all today. welcome april. grant us a nice spring this year please!

this might tickle your fancy

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